20171207 - CDF&R Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 18:05 - all volunteers signed in.  Attendance sheet on file, hard copy and digitally.

253K Brushtruck - Mark Montano - No funding/money released yet.First Responder Training - No Update, in hands of County Fire Marshall.  CDF&R added Nick to the class.  We now have 6 volunteers that will attend when the class is offered.Radio Testing - some not receiving safe alert will need to add app to smart phone.CDF&R shirts - Beate will follow up with new CDF&R design for new shirts.Hydrant Testing - Will continue in the spring 2018 with coordination with Big Mesa water.Volunteer Confirmation - Joyce TylerNew Volunteer - JT Morgenthien would like to volunteer as our tele-network-radio contact/representative.  Tom will put JT in touch with Dave Jones of Code3service.Conference calling for Biz meetings - Tom will contact JT Morgenthien to set up.PERA Retirement - Tom will look into what is required.  Ron Carter men…