2018 January 04 18:00
Conchas Dam Fire & Rescue - Monthly Business Meeting Agenda

01. Roll Call - Have all members signed in?

02. Call to order

03. Reading / Approval of previous months minutes

04. Fire Chief - Ed Wright Reports/Updates
  • First Responder Training - status
  • 253K Brushtruck? status for spending
  • Pera Retirement - All affiliated Volunteer Firefighter Departments are required to submit an annual report to PERA beginning January 1st but no later than March 31st of each year. This deadline is set by statute (Section 10-11A-6(B), NMSA 1978) and must not be ignored. Service credit will not be given to any volunteer firefighter if completed reports are not submitted by March 31st.
05. Asst. Fire Chief - Benny Williams Reports/Updates

06. Sec/Treasurer - Tom Mitchell Reports/Updates
  • Hydrant Testing - I attended the MDWCA November and December meetings.  At the December meeting I volunteered to champion a combined effort in the spring to plan and implement this large task.  If they approve I will drive the project.
  • Communications SME - Have put JT in touch with Dave Jones of Code 3 
  • CDF&R Website - Is now up and running with 2018 included.  All volunteers were emailed the link.  The link is also on our facebook page.
07. Unfinished Business
  • Hydrant Testing (see above Tom)
  • PERA Retirement and back years of service
  • Fire Dept Shirts - Beate update
  • Tele-conference - in for business meetings - JT will attend February meeting, shooting for March meeting for tele-conferencing biz meetings.  (Tom and JT)
  • Mica Station - Painting - MJ still in progress - three estimates should be ready by Feb 1st meeting.  Then they will be scanned and emailed to Gina.
08. New Business
  • Pictures of Volunteers in out new shirts for website (as other county departments do).  Shawn has volunteered to be our photographer (He does photography as a business)
  • Subject Matter Experts Volunteers (SMEs) - Propose a title for volunteers that help us in specific areas but not necessarily be physically present to attend all meetings.  i.e. John Harlan (Law Enforcement) and JT Morgenthien (Communications), to include radios, towers, network communications, Fiber optics, etc), in the future maybe an accountant (treasurer), training co-coordinator, (who else?).
  • 2018 Fireworks Show, needs, sponsors, volunteers needed, etc. Is there a separate committee for the fireworks show?
  • Earth Day Community Weekend - Yearly event.  I would like to propose a yearly event for the CDF&R.  In 2018 Earth Day is Sunday April 22.  Thinking of Saturday April 21 for a community help spring clean the trucks and department.  Just a thought.
  • Training - Would like to post a training schedule for the year.  Maybe we need a training co-ordinator for our monthly training.  Anyone like to volunteer?  Tom will be looking to see if he can convert all of our CD/DVD training to on-line.
09. Announcements



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