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20180104 - CDF&R Business Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order at 18:05 - all volunteers signed in.  Attendance sheet on file, hard copy and digitally.
Ed reported that the County Fire Marshall was terminated.  This caused any purchases to be put on hold.  Ed also mentioned that there was a petition signed by all County Fire Chiefs supporting Mike Montano.  Ed will attend a meeting on budget on Jan 5th for all Fire Chiefs and report at February meeting. First Responder Training - on hold until Chief Wright reports at Feb meeting.  Right now can't get approval.153K Brushtruck - on holdCDF&R shirts - on hold.  Once we have them pictures will follow.Fire Protection Fund - Ed reported that some of the funding went to Spaceport and RailrunnerHydrant Testing -  Waiting on approval from water board meeting for Tom Mitchell to coordinate / continue the project with in the spring. Conference Call In - For Volunteers to attend meetings was approved.  Should be set up for March me…


2018 February 01 18:00
Conchas Dam Fire & Rescue - Monthly Business Meeting Agenda
01. Roll Call - Have all members signed in?

02. Call to order

03. Reading / Approval of previous months minutes

04. Fire Chief - Ed Wright Reports/Updates
County Budget Meeting - UpdateNew Fire Marshal - UpdateFirst Responder Training - status153K Brushtruck? status  05. Asst. Fire Chief - Benny Williams Reports/Updates

06. Sec/Treasurer - Tom Mitchell Reports/Updates
Code3 no more support?Show and tell on website, online gmail/drive with County. 07. Unfinished Business
PERA Retirement - Reminder!!!  All affiliated Volunteer Firefighter Departments who wish to apply their volunteer service towards PERA retirement are required to submit an annual report to PERA beginning January 1st but no later than March 31st of each year.  Please get with Ed to see that your volunteer time is recorded with PERA.Fire Dept Shirts - Beate update (depending on above budget approval)Tele-conference - Shooting for March m…


20171207 - CDF&R Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 18:05 - all volunteers signed in.  Attendance sheet on file, hard copy and digitally.

253K Brushtruck - Mark Montano - No funding/money released yet.First Responder Training - No Update, in hands of County Fire Marshall.  CDF&R added Nick to the class.  We now have 6 volunteers that will attend when the class is offered.Radio Testing - some not receiving safe alert will need to add app to smart phone.CDF&R shirts - Beate will follow up with new CDF&R design for new shirts.Hydrant Testing - Will continue in the spring 2018 with coordination with Big Mesa water.Volunteer Confirmation - Joyce TylerNew Volunteer - JT Morgenthien would like to volunteer as our tele-network-radio contact/representative.  Tom will put JT in touch with Dave Jones of Code3service.Conference calling for Biz meetings - Tom will contact JT Morgenthien to set up.PERA Retirement - Tom will look into what is required.  Ron Carter men…