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20180201 - CDF&R Business Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order at 18:05 - all volunteers signed in.  Attendance sheet on file, hard copy and digitally.

Fire Chief - Ed Wright Reports/Updates
County Budget Meeting - postpone - New Fire MarshalFirst Responder Training - there are 3 bids elsewhere, we might be able to piggyback144K Budget? will rollover Asst. Fire Chief - Benny Williams Reports/Updates
Vehicles Serviced - Feb 11 - Maintenance on a cascading systemNew Radio System - off microwave is in wait statusConchas - Code3 mentioned that Conchas has worse radio systemRadio Tower Access - Hope to have access in 2 months, should be best in county, 200 ftHose Testing - Maybe test our own-more comingCPR Class Coming up - 8 peopleCertifications - By-Law get all certifications up to date and file a copy at Fire Station Sec/Treasurer - Tom Mitchell Verified that Code3 still does our supportPresented a show and tell on website, online gmail/drive with County for ISO reporting.PERA Reti…


2018 March 01 18:00
Conchas Dam Fire & Rescue - Monthly Business Meeting Agenda
01. Roll Call - Have all members signed in?  or on Tele-Conference Call

02. Call to order

03. Reading / Approval of previous months minutes

04. Fire Chief - Ed Wright Reports/Updates
Budget - UpdateNew Fire Marshal - UpdateFirst Responders Training - UpdateTraining - Carmen Austin -Las Vegas District Forester re: Wildland Training emailISO Report 2018 - Update, any direction from report? 05. Asst. Fire Chief - Benny Williams Reports/Updates

06. Sec/Treasurer - Tom Mitchell Reports/Updates
Discuss process for a new Volunteer (per last months process) 07. Ongoing Business
PERA Retirement - Reminder!!!  Please get with Ed to see that your volunteer time is recorded with PERA.Fire Dept Shirts - Beate update Pictures of Volunteers in out new shirts for website. Shawn will be our photographer. 08 - Current Projects/Events - We are always looking for more volunteers. If you cannot volunteer please provide posit…