20180301 - CDF&R Business Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 18:05 - all volunteers signed in.  Attendance sheet on file, hard copy and digitally.

Fire Chief - Ed Wright Reports/Updates
  • Budget Meeting - They found our extra 100k, now our fund is at 271K, will rollover
  • Mica Station did not meet ISO.  We will look at a new Mica Station with matching Federal Funds. All work on current Mica Station halted.
  • Our Main Fire Station is now paid off.
  • First Responder Training - there are 3 bids elsewhere, we might be able to piggyback
  • Chief Wright sent out ISO PPC Report to all Volunteers
  • New Lock on door, code to all Volunteers
  • Wildland Training - Sign-up sheet in front - 10 needed.
Asst. Fire Chief - Benny Williams Reports/Updates
  • Vehicles Serviced - All were serviced except for 2.  Needed to rebuild pump
  • New Radio System - Nothing from Code3, Federal Govn't holdup
  • Radio Tower Access - Hope to have access in 1 months, should be best in county, 200 ft
  • Hose Testing - We can test our own hoses.
  • CPR Class Coming up - need 8 people
  • Looking maybe at 2 new brushtrucks
Sec/Treasurer - Tom Mitchell Reports/Updates
  • PERA Retirement - Volunteers reminded to get with Chief Wright before Mar 31.
  • Fire Dept Shirts - Beate - order placed
  • Tele-conference - Had two Volunteers conference in, Success
  • Pictures of Volunteers - Shawn -waiting on new shirts.
  • Hydrant Testing - Chief Wright mentioned that he has met and provided help to the Water department.

  • Volunteer Confirmation - Motion to clarify By-Laws to state that all new volunteers, and those volunteers that do not have voting rights, will leave the building when volunteer confirmation takes place.  -  (Motion Passed)

Events / Projects
  • Fireworks Show - July 7th was chosen a day for Fireworks show and confirmed with AUX.
  • Open House Earth Day - April 21 was confirmed as our day for community open house.
  • Fire Department Holiday Presence -  More discussion will take place a month before each holiday.
    Meeting adjourned at  19:10


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