2018 April 05 18:00
Conchas Dam Fire & Rescue - Monthly Business Meeting Agenda

01. Roll Call - Have all members signed in?  or on Tele-Conference Call

02. Call to order

03. Reading / Approval of previous months minutes

04. Fire Chief - Ed Wright - Reports/Updates
Budget - March 2018 Report (sent to all volunteers)
Training - Wildland Training Update
Training - First Responders Training Update
ISO 2018 Report - Update, any direction from report?
Mica Station (New) Update - anything we can do to move it along?

05. Asst. Fire Chief - Benny Williams - Reports/Updates
New Brushtrucks Update
CPR Class Update

06. Secretary - Tom Mitchell Reports/Updates
ISO - currently reviewing the 2018 report to document what CDF&R can and can't do to bring up our ISO rating.
Open House  - County Fire Marshal invited
Hydrant testing - MDWCA Newsletter stated they will be working on it to complete this summer.
Fiber Internet - We now have fiber at main station. more info at next meeting as to how we can use it.
Conference call-in for business meetings - now available

07. Motions

I. To Add Station Captains to monthly reporting now that we have Conference Calling (future video conference) for Business meetings only. To report on -  (ISO, Station needs, Vehicles, Apparatus)

II. To add ISO Monthly Reporting bullet to all to work and report on.

III. To separate the Secretary and Treasurer duties and elect a Treasurer (who signs checks) at the yearly June election meeting.

IV. To wash vehicles and clean Station for Open House weekend.  Nick would like to do it on a weekend? (This is an ISO requirement) Should we choose when?

08. Ongoing/Events/Projects

I. Pictures of volunteers for website.  Shawn has camera with him. Please schedule a time over the next three meetings to be in your CDF&R t-shirt.

II. Open House Update (Tom and Joyce)
Looking for door prize donations
Website updated with info

III. July 4th Fireworks Show Update - (Beate, Ed, Benny, MJ)
July 7th is the date.


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