2018 May 03 18:00
Conchas Dam Fire & Rescue - Monthly Business Meeting Agenda

01. Roll Call - Have all members signed in?  or on Tele-Conference Call

02. Call to order

03. Reading / Approval of previous months minutes

04. Reporting/Updates

Fire Chief - Ed Wright
ISO - any new direction from 2018 Report
Budget - Spending (Moves to Treasurer in July)
Training - Wildland Training
Training - First Responders Training
Volunteers losing active membership (5) - All members of the CDF&R shall attend 75% of business meetings in a given year.  All members shall attend 75% of training / work-night meetings in a given year.  Any member missing three (3) consecutive training meetings will lose their active membership to CDF&R and lose their right to vote.

Asst. Fire Chief - Benny Williams
ISO - any needs
CPR Class

Captain - South Side Main Station - Nick Nekoranec
ISO - any needs

Captain - North Side Main Station - Herald Gallegos
ISO - any needs
Date for cleanup - (ISO Standard)

Captain - Mica Station - 
Old Station - Volunteers discussion!
New Station - anything we can do to move it along with the Fire Marshal?

Secretary - Tom Mitchell

Hydrant testing - See if we can get a monthly update from Bruce Ford - MDWCA.
Conference call-in for business meetings - now available - * let me know and I will set it up and give you the numbers.

Treasurer - To Be Selected in July
Monthly Item Spending
Budget Update
Future spending

05. Topics for Discussion

I. Old Mica Station - Should we give to Conchas community (as Historic Building) or tear it down for new station?  Volunteers discussion!  If give to community who would like to Champion and make it happen? Crew to move where?

II. ?

06. Announcements / New Discussions
Anything from volunteers?

07. Motions

I. Motion to establish dates to work/clean and bring the North Dock Fire Station up to ISO standards. Maybe the COE and State Parks can assist.

08. Ongoing/Events/Projects Updates

I. Pictures of volunteers.  Shawn has camera with him. Please schedule a time over the next meetings to be in your CDF&R t-shirt.

II. Open House  - Successful Event

III. July 4th Fireworks Show Update - (Beate, Ed, Benny, MJ)
July 7th is the date.
Memorial Day weekend to get out with trucks and boots for donations for fireworks.


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