By-Laws Revision 2016

Conchas Dam Fire and Rescue

P.O. Box 1013 Conchas Dam, NM 88416
By- Laws Revision 2016
Fire Chief - Ed Wright

Article 1 - Organization

  1. The title of this organization shall be the Conchas Dam Fire & Rescue, hereafter referred to as the CDF&R.  CDF&R shall function in Fire & EMS, as defined as all areas surrounding the Village of Conchas Dam, NM, as designated by the State Fire Marshal's office and the State EMS Bureau.
  2. The CDF&R shall function under the laws of the County of San Miguel and the State of New Mexico.
  3. The CDF&R shall prevent and control fires within the CDF&R district, and provide aid whenever possible to the residents and visitors of the CDF&R district with EMS services.

Article 2 - Meetings

  1. The first Thursday of the month at 1800 hours shall be designated as the regular monthly Business Meeting.   The Third Thursday of the month at 1800 hours shall be designated as combined training / work-night meeting.
  2. Special and emergency meetings may be called for by the Fire Chief or by a majority of the active membership of the CDF&R.  The complete membership shall be notified in writing or by phone at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the meeting of its purpose, time and location.
  3. All members of the CDF&R shall attend 75% of business meetings in a given year.  All members shall attend 75% of training / work-night meetings in a given year.  Any member missing three (3) consecutive training meetings will lose their active membership to CDF&R and lose their right to vote.
  4. The June business meeting shall serve as the annual membership meeting in which members finalize year end business and elect new officers for the CDF&R as needed.
  5. Excused absences from meetings will only be granted by the CDF&R Fire Chief.  It is the responsibility of the CDF&R member to contact the Fire Chief twenty four (24) hours, if possible, prior to the meeting to be granted an excused absence.

Article 3 - Officers

  1. The CDF&R shall elect the following five (5) officers from the Active members and they will be referred to as the Line Officers. - Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, Fire Captains (for each station), EMS Captain and Secretary/Treasurer.
  2. The qualifications of Line Officers shall be - They must be an active member in good standing of CDF&R for a period of twelve (12) months and should exhibit a strong knowledge of firefighting and related emergencies along with good leadership qualities.

Article 4 - Term of Office

  1. A Line Officer shall serve a term of one (1) year or until their successor has been elected.

Article 5 - Duties of Officers

  1. The Fire Chief shall be in charge of all equipment and the membership at all times.  The Fire Chief shall organize and conduct all programs necessary to insure the proper operation of CDF&R.  The Fire Chief shall appoint all committees and shall serve as an ex-official member of each.
  2. The Assistant Fire Chief shall assist the Fire Chief in the Fire Chief's duties and shall assume command in the Fire Chief's absence.
  3. The Fire Captians shall assume command next in line of authority after the Assistant Fire Chief, and shall act as the leader of squad 1 should several squads become necessary. Order of command, Main Station Captain, North Station Captain and Mica Station Captain.
  4. The EMT Captain shall assume command in line authority after all Fire Captains and is responsible for the organization and conduct of all programs necessary to insure the proper function of the EMS system.
  5. The Secretary-Treasurer shall keep the minutes and shall be responsible for the paperwork necessary for the CDF&R to function as required by law, including county, state and federal laws, and other paperwork as the Fire Chief deems necessary for the smooth operation od CDF&R.
  6. Outgoing officers, by virtue of death, resignation, or impeachment shall relinquish their office to the above succession.

Article 6 - Impeachment of Officers

  1. Any officer of the CDF&R may be impeached for failure to perform their duties.  Such impeachment shall constitute removal from the CDF&R membership.  In the case where the impeachment in not affirmed, all charges shall be dismissed and stricken from the records.
  2. An impeachment charge shall be made in writing and signed by at least four (4) members of the CDF&R to the Secretary-Treasurer. The membership must be notified at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to any action being taken. A two-thirds (2/3rds) majority of the active membership is necessary to affirm the impeachment.

Article 7 - Membership

  1. To qualify for membership an applicant must be eighteen (18) years of age, in good health, and be of good character with no felony convictions. They must be willing to answer alarms, attend meetings and training sessions of the CDF&R.  Active members shall all remain current in basic first-aid and CPR as provided by CDF&R in training sessions.
  2. Prospective new members must submit an application for membership to CDF&R at which time a simple majority of those attending the next regularly scheduled meeting shall constitute acceptance in CDF&R.
  3. New members of CDF&R will be on probation for a period of twelve (12) months after acceptance as a member.  Probationary members (A) must attend the next three (3) consecutive training sessions to remain a probationary member of CDF&R, at which time they will be issued bunker gear (B) will not be permitted to drive any of the apparatus or equipment during a training session, except in the presence of a permanent fire-fighter or at the direction of a Line Officer (C) will not be permitted to drive any of the apparatus during an alarm response unless fully trained on the apparatus or at the direction of a Line Officer (D) will not be permitted to vote at any CDF&R business meeting (E) wanting to become an EMT-B with the CDF&R will not be permitted any EMT classes provided by CDF&R until they have completed the three (3) consecutive training sessions required by CDF&R.
  4. Members failing to attend 75% of business meetings and training sessions in a given year or missing three (3) consecutive training session will be considered to be inactive as a member of CDF&R.
  5. Inactive members of CDF&R lose their right to vote in all elections and other functions of CDF&R unless they adhere to the above section.
  6. An honorary member shall be a person, not a firefighter or EMT-B, who has rendered valuable service or assistance to CDF&R or its members, and has been chosen by the membership to be honored.  They shall be issued a certificate of honorary membership. Said certificate shall be in honor and not confer any rights or obligation as a regular member.
  7. Junior members guideline will follow Sam Miguel County Fire SOPs policy number SMCFD 107 as attached.

Article 8 - Duties and Discipline of Members

  1. Each member of CDF&R shall adhere to the principles set forth in the By-Laws of CDF&R.  In addition, they shall adhere to all the rules and regulations set forth by the State Fire Marshal, San Miguel County Fire Marshal and San Miguel County Fire Chief.  They shall follow the orders of all Line Officers during all emergencies and training sessions.  No member may leave the scene of an alarm until excused by the officer in charge or by their immediate officer.
  2. Disciplinary procedures against any CDF&R member may be initiated and confirmed or denied in the same manner as the impeachment proceedings for Line Officers.

Article 9 - Resignation

  1. Section 1 - Any member or officer may resign from CDF&R at any time upon written notice to the Secretary-Treasurer of CDF&R.  This notice shall be acted immediately upon receipt of notice.
  2. Section 2 - Any member resigning because of ill health may be given all the rights and privileges granted to a retired member, by majority vote of the members of CDF&R.

Article 10 - Retirement 

  1. The retirement of members of CDF&R shall be in accordance with the PERA Act of the State of New Mexico.

Article 11 - Amendments to the By-Laws

  1. These By-Laws may be amended by submitting the proposal amendment in writing, signed by the member or members proposing the amendment to the Secretary-Treasurer.  The full membership shall be notified of the proposed amendment at the next business meeting.  The amendment(s) shall be discussed and considered by the membership and tabled until the next business meeting where additional comments and changes may be heard.  A vote of two-thirds (2/3rds) of the active membership is needed to affirm the amendment(s) to the By-Laws. 

Article 12 - Order of Business

  1. Roberts Rules of Order will govern the conduct of all business meetings and special meetings.

Ed Wright - Conchas Dam Fire and Rescue - Fire Chief - June 2016


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