Fireworks Regulations & Safety


The Community of Conchas Dam prohibits fireworks that go higher than 10 feet and are louder than a cap gun.

Citizens should be cautious that purchasing fireworks from a vendor does not always mean that they are legal for use within city limits. If you believe illegal fireworks are being sold or used in Conchas Dam, please contact the public safety non-emergency telephone number, (?????

Look for the “Safe and Sane” label when purchasing fireworks as these do not fly or explode.

Penalties and Seizure


Fireworks Safety

Improper use or using illegal fireworks can start a fire and potentially damage open spaces, homes, and other property. Sparks or embers from fireworks can light grasses, weeds and trees on fire. When fanned by high winds, the destruction can be significant. Something as innocent as a sparkler can create enough heat and sparks to cause a fire.

Safety Tips When Using Fireworks
The Conchas Dam Fire and Rescue Department and the New Mexico State Fire Marshal’s Office offer these safety tips if you are going to use fireworks:

ALWAYS read and follow the label directions.
ALWAYS have an adult present when handling fireworks.
ALWAYS buy from a reliable fireworks vendor.
ALWAYS ignite fireworks outdoors.
ALWAYS have a water source handy.
ALWAYS light one firework at a time.
ALWAYS store fireworks in a cool, dry place.
ALWAYS dispose of fireworks properly.
ALWAYS use fireworks in an area clear of any vegetation.
NEVER hold a lighted firework in your hands.
NEVER re-ignite malfunctioning fireworks.
NEVER give fireworks to small children.
NEVER experiment with or attempt to make your own fireworks.
NEVER throw fireworks at another person.
NEVER carry fireworks in your pockets.
NEVER shoot fireworks in metal or glass containers.


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