History and Future

Conchas Dam Fire - Rescue

The Conchas Dam Fire - Rescue was formed in ????. The department’s first Fire Chief was ???? Serving under ???? with a crew of..... Their first station was

Fire Chief - Ed Wright - 575-403-5922
Asst. Fire Chief - Benny Williams - 505-398-6937
Secretary / Treasurer - Tom Mitchell - 505-440-3153

Business Meeting - 6:00 PM - 1st Thursday of the Month
Training Meeting - 6:00 PM - 3rd Thursday of the Month
If you would like to give positive input to the Conchas Dam Fire Rescue you can do so by email to - conchasfire@gmail.com, post on facebook, or post anonymously on this blog below in the Comments.

1998 Volunteer Fire Dept Roster 


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