20180104 - CDF&R Business Meeting Minutes
Meeting called to order at 18:05 - all volunteers signed in.  Attendance sheet on file, hard copy and digitally.
Ed reported that the County Fire Marshall was terminated.  This caused any purchases to be put on hold.  Ed also mentioned that there was a petition signed by all County Fire Chiefs supporting Mike Montano.  Ed will attend a meeting on budget on Jan 5th for all Fire Chiefs and report at February meeting. First Responder Training - on hold until Chief Wright reports at Feb meeting.  Right now can't get approval.153K Brushtruck - on holdCDF&R shirts - on hold.  Once we have them pictures will follow.Fire Protection Fund - Ed reported that some of the funding went to Spaceport and RailrunnerHydrant Testing -  Waiting on approval from water board meeting for Tom Mitchell to coordinate / continue the project with in the spring. Conference Call In - For Volunteers to attend meetings was approved.  Should be set up for March me…